Combination of India’s talent and US technology, guarantee of a bright future: PM Modi

New Delhi. In his luncheon address with US Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in the last nine years, both the countries have traveled a long and beautiful journey and cooperation in various fields ranging from defence, strategic sector to earth, sky have strengthened and are working with renewed energy in the field of new and emerging technologies. Modi thanked Vice President Kamala Harris and Foreign Minister Antony Blinken for the warm welcome. At a lunch hosted by US Vice President Kamala Harris, Prime Minister Modi said, “Your contribution to strengthening our strategic partnership has been incredible.”

He said, ‘We are working with new energy in the field of new and emerging technology. We are resolving long-pending and difficult issues in business. At the same time, US Vice President Kamala Harris said that she and President Joe. Biden is grateful for Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to strengthening the US-India relationship. “As we look to the future, America and India instinctively turn to each other and are increasingly coming together,” he said.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi said, “In the last three days, I had several meetings and one thing was common in these meetings that the friendship and cooperation between the people of India and America should be deeper.” The feeling of sweetness is threaded through contact between people. The Prime Minister referred to Vice President Kamala Harris’s mother Shyamala Gopalan coming to America in the year 1958 and her association with India and said that Kamala Harris has taken her mother’s inspiration to great heights. Modi said Vice President Harris’ achievement inspires not only America, but India and the entire world.

Prime Minister Modi mentioned American Foreign Minister Antony Blinken’s interest in music and his diplomatic skills. Modi said that since his visit to the US in 2014, in the last nine years, both the countries have come a long way and added new dimensions to cooperation, including in the defense and strategic sectors. They also mentioned cooperation in matters related to technology cooperation and resolution of pending issues in trade. He also mentioned cooperation in groups like QUAD and i2u2.

The Prime Minister said that the cooperation of America and India is visible from the depths of the sea to the heights of the sky, from earth to sky. He said that India and the US are working with renewed confidence in the areas of new and emerging technologies. At the same time, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that America and India have become indispensable partners. “Whether we call it the American dream or the Indian dream…our people believe in opportunity,” he said. Harris and Blinken on Friday hosted a luncheon at the State Department in honor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Vice President Harris’s office tweeted on Thursday, ‘The partnership between India and America has never been so strong before. Together, our countries will shape the future as we work together to create a more prosperous, safer, and healthier world.” It said, “The partnership between the US and India is one of the most important partnerships of the 21st century, and this journey Will take our partnership to the next level – from space to defence, to emerging technology and supply chain.’

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