Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath suffers heart attack, how is his health now?

New Delhi/Sources: Nithin Kamath, founder of stock broker Zerodha, suffered a ‘mild stroke’ 6 weeks ago. He has given this information on the social media platform ‘X’. He has also told the reason for the stroke. Father’s passing, less sleep, fatigue, dehydration and excessive workout can be the reasons for this. He told that now he is recovering. According to doctors, it may take 3-6 months for him to recover completely.

Zerodha was founded by two brothers, Nikhil and Nithin Kamath. Nithin Kamath is the CEO of the company. While Nikhil is the CFO. Nithin started his career as a trader in the early 2000s. There was a time when Nithin Kamath used to work in a call center for eight thousand rupees a month. At that time his age was only 17 years. This was his first job. Nithin started trading in the stock market with this salary.

Kamath was not able to read or write

Giving an update on his health, Kamath said that the nerves in his face were not functioning properly. He was not even able to read and write. However, now his health is improving. He has started reading and writing again. Nithin Kamath wonders how this could happen to a person who takes good care of himself. On this the doctor said that this is a sign that he will have to apply some brakes on his speed.

The foundation of Zerodha was laid in 2010

Nithin Kamath founded Zerodha along with his brother Nikhil in Bengaluru in 2010. Till the year 2016, the number of customers of the company was 70 thousand. In December 2015, the company introduced zero brokerage equity investing. After this the number of customers of the company increased rapidly. According to the data of September 2023, the number of active users of Zerodha is 64.8 lakh.

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