Child marriage is not only a social evil but also a legal offense

Gariaband: Collector Prabhat Malik has directed the officers of the concerned department for complete prevention of child marriage, saying that child marriage is not only a social evil but also a legal crime. Under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006, legal action can be taken against the parents of the bride and groom, relatives, marriage party and even the one who conducts the marriage.

Apart from this, if the bride or groom does not accept the marriage after child marriage, then after being a child, an application can be made to declare the marriage void. He has said that due to child marriage, there is an increase in domestic violence along with malnutrition, infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate in children. It is the responsibility of all of us that for the complete eradication of this evil prevalent in the society, effective action can be taken to eradicate this practice by getting cooperation from the people’s representatives, urban bodies, representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions, voluntary organizations and common people.

The Collector has directed the officers of the concerned department to identify specific castes for the prevention of child marriage, maintenance and registration of marriage register at Gram Panchayat level, through Kotwars in villages to prevent child marriage in Munadi, district In all the gram sabhas to be held in the state, discussions should be held on the measures to prevent child marriage and the adverse effects on the health of women due to child marriage.

Prevention of child marriage through village panchayat and development block level child protection committees, publicity, effectiveness of information system and immediate action should be taken on receipt of written and oral complaints related to child marriage received through any means in police stations. The Collector has said that while taking effective action for the complete prevention of child marriage in the best interest of the children, the Women and Child Development Department will ensure to inform Gariaband about the action taken.

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